I Was Losing Hope My Rescue Dog Would Ever Be Healthy - Then This Bacon-Flavored Treat Changed Everything

Updated: May, 22 Pittsburg, United States

Janine Thompson still remembers the day she adopted Max, a 4-year old beagle mix, from her local shelter. His big brown eyes and silly personality won her over immediately. But she soon realized Max came with some baggage beyond just his tattered old collar.

From day one I noticed Max had skin problems and digestive issues, Janine explains. He was constantly licking his paws raw and his tummy never seemed to feel good. I chalked it up to the neglect he endured early on and figured things would improve.

But two years later, Max's health problems persisted despite Janine's best efforts. Countless vet visits provided no real relief for his chronic skin irritation and gut discomfort. Janine felt frustrated and powerless.

No matter what shampoo I tried or how often I changed his diet, nothing seemed to help long-term. My poor pup would look at me with those sad eyes like he was wondering why I couldn't make him feel better. It was heartbreaking.

Janine worried she may never resolve the lingering health issues plaguing her rescue pup. Until one late night while researching natural remedies online, she stumbled onto something called methylation - a process that helps dog's cells communicate better and combat everyday damage.

“I read how optimizing methylation could help solve all sorts of canine health problems” -says Janine. “The science behind it was really interesting”

Around a dog's second birthday, their cells can start rapidly aging if methylation isn't functioning properly. This leads to 'bad instructions' being sent throughout the body, causing systemic breakdown on a cellular level.

It really clicked for me, as this lined up with Max's issues too. I realized his body was basically attacking itself at the cellular level!

Fortunately, the article also outlined a solution - restoring methylation by helping Max's gut naturally produce more of an essential vitamin called folate.

Janine discovered that getting the right strains and forms of probiotics into Max's diet could help optimize folate levels and turn his cellular health around.

I learned how common dog probiotics often fail because they contain the wrong strains designed for humans, not canines. But there are also new specific dog-friendly
strains that have been shown in studies to increase
folate and support cellular health in dogs of all ages
and backgrounds

Desperate to help her pup, Janine decided to give it a try. And that's when everything changed...

Janine ordered a probiotic supplement for dogs called Wild Belly that contained the specific folate-boosting strains she read about. When it arrived, she eagerly mixed the first serving into Max's food.

It was so easy to use. Just one scoop per day onto his kibble and Max woofed it down even though he can be a picky eater. I have to admit though that I was still pretty skeptical that some powder could resolve issues that had been going on for so long. But within a week, I started noticing small positive changes.

First Max's constant paw licking and itching slowed down. Then his stools became more solid and regular. But the biggest difference was his energy levels.

“It was like I had a new puppy again! Max was running around playing with his toys and acting like a complete goofball. My sister even asked if I had switched him to decaf!”
-laughs Janine

Within 6 weeks the last of Max's skin irritation and digestive discomfort had vanished without a trace. And over a year later, it still hasn't returned. Janine says her pup looks and acts years younger than he is.

His transformation has been amazing. Turns out the methylation problem causing Max's health issues wasn't permanent damage from his days as a stray after all. We just needed to restart his cells to get him back on track.

Janine isn't the only one finding success using the breakthrough methylation solution for rescue dogs either...

Wish we would have known about optimizing methylation
years ago. It’s like our beagle Lucy went from 13 years old
back to age 3!

-Sam W.
5 Star Review

I can't believe how much younger Ollie acts these days now that we've got his cells working properly. He runs around like a puppy chasing squirrels again!

-Ryan P.
5 Star Review

My childhood dog growing up struggled with all kinds of health problems. Back then vets didn't know much about using probiotics to fix poor methylation like they do now. I'm so thrilled there's finally help for the dogs at my shelter

-Taylor R.
5 Star Review

So how exactly does Wild Belly, the supplement Janine used for her dog Max, work to optimize methylation? What's inside leading to such incredible transformations in rescue dogs' health?

It turns out the secret behind Wild Belly's proven results for rescue dogs is the specific combination of dog-friendly probiotic strains contained in each scoop.

-Lactiplantibacillus plantarum

There's L. plantarum, which is found in fermented foods like kimchi and olives. It's been scientifically shown to act as a "folate factory" inside dogs' guts.

Folate is the key vitamin needed to support methylation. And studies prove that increasing folate levels through regular L. plantarum supplementation leads to measurable improvements in dogs' moods, allergies, anxiety levels, gut health, and more.

-Bifidobacterium Longum

In addition to L. plantarum, Wild Belly contains B. longum - another strain proven to boost methylation and folate production. Getting B. longum into your dogs' diets is associated with healthier skin, shinier coats, improved digestion, and reduced inflammatory markers.

For senior or mobility-challenged pups, Wild Belly packs an extra punch with two more strains - L. casei and L. acidophilus. Together these probiotics significantly improve joint discomfort and swelling in studies.

  • -Lactobacillus acidophilus

  • -Lacticaseibacillus casei

Janine credits this researched combination of dog-friendly probiotics in Wild Belly for the life-changing improvements she's witnessed in her rescue pup Max.

“I used to worry all the time about Max's health and wonder if his case was hopeless. But now my pup is happy, active, and constantly making me laugh with his youthful energy”

While most dog foods and supplements fail when it comes to providing the right probiotic strains for optimizing cellular methylation, Janine found an easy solution with Wild Belly.

And she's not alone. Today, thousands of dog owners across the country are using Wild Belly to support their pup’s health from head-to-toe

So if your dog suffers from skin conditions, gut troubles, joint issues, anxiety, or lack of energy, optimizing their methylation could provide the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.


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