A Scoop a Day Keeps the Vet Away - How I Keep My Senior Dog Young at Heart

Updated: May, 22 By Michelle R

My Dog Daisy Was Slowing Down, And I Was Scared Of Losing Her

Like many doting dog owners, my yellow lab, Daisy, is my whole world. Ever since I adopted her as a puppy, we've been inseparable. She's always bursting with energy - running circles in the yard, tugging her leash during walks to sniff every bush and tree, and pestering me to play fetch for hours after work. She’s brought me and my family so much joy.

That's why last year, when Daisy turned 7, I knew something was wrong. She didn't have the same pep in her step when we went for walks. Getting up the stairs took effort. And while she still loved playing fetch, she tired out so much faster than before.

My heart sank as reality set in - my healthy, active pup wasn't a pup anymore. Daisy was aging before my eyes. My mind raced with worries...

How much longer would Daisy be able to run and keep up on adventures? Would her legs give out soon, leaving her unable to play? Was I destined to only have a few precious years left with her? The thoughts were agonizing

A Discovery That Changed Everything

Then one day while looking for solutions for Daisy, I came across an article published by a veterinary health expert named Mark Reese. What I read inside that article stunned me.

The article claimed that the real reason dogs start aging prematurely is poor methylation, caused by inadequate folate levels. Around a dog's 2nd birthday, methylation can start rapidly deteriorating. This sends "bad instructions" to cells and kicks off systemic breakdown leading to joint issues, digestion issues, skin conditions, and more - essentially premature aging.

I couldn't believe it - this cellular breakdown explained everything I saw in Daisy! 

The more I dug into the research, the more convinced I became.

Major studies from UCLA, UC San Diego, Princeton, and others have proven methylation is key for healthy aging. When it breaks down, so does your dog's health.

Researchers have directly linked poor methylation to everything from joint issues and digestive problems to skin conditions and mood disorders in dogs.

No wonder my sweet Daisy seemed to be going down hill so rapidly. 

Fortunately, the article also revealed a simple way to support healthy methylation and folate levels through natural probiotics strains shown to optimize this process.

It’s Like Resetting Your Dog’s
Energy and Health

The probiotic supplement the article talked about is called Wild Belly. It contains specific strains clinically shown to increase folate production and rebalance methylation in dogs.

Folate is crucial because it acts like "mission control", sending out important instructions that keep cells and DNA functioning properly. Wild Belly uses patented, dog-friendly probiotic strains to help dogs produce more folate internally.

This in turn helps make sure every aspect of your dog's health is supported on a cellular level.

I learned that Wild Belly contains four key probiotic strains that boost folate and support methylation, including:

L. Plantarum

Boosts calmness by increasing mood-regulating neurotransmitters

B. Longum

Supports skin health and shiny coats

L. Acidophilus

Aids digestion issues like diarrhea

L. Casei

Improves joint health and mobility

Wild Belly also contains four more strains clinically shown to help with anxiety, bad breath, inflammation, allergies, and other issues caused by declining methylation.

The remarkable science behind Wild Belly and the results for dogs blew my mind. Maybe this could finally help Daisy too?
I decided to give it a try.

Trying Wild Belly Was So Easy

I went to the company's website and ordered a 3 month supply. The ordering process took just 2 minutes, and my package arrived 3 days later.

The first evening after work, I mixed one scoop of the powder into Daisy’s dinner. The tasty bacon flavoring ensured she gulped down every last bite.

I couldn't believe how fast Wild Belly started working! Over the next few days, there was a noticeable improvement in Daisy’s energy. She started voluntarily going for longer walks again and kept up with me for the first time in months.

Her energy and stamina were noticeably improving. She was running around the backyard chasing squirrels again - something I hadn't seen in over a year!

After 2 months on Wild Belly, the transformation was incredible. Daisy was running, playing and acting like a puppy again for hours each day. At the dog park she was keeping pace with dogs half her age!

My vet was stunned at her turnaround too. He said Daisy's blood work looked great, and that whatever I was doing was clearly working wonders.

I couldn't believe how much this simple daily probiotic powder was improving my precious pup's health, inside and out!

Thousands of Owners Are Sharing Similar Stories

I'm not the only pet parent finding incredible results from Wild Belly. Check out these reviews from actual Wild Belly customers

My 9 year old lab could barely walk anymore. I was terrified his back legs would give out completely. But after just 2 weeks on Wild Belly his limp vanished. Now Coleman runs and plays fetch again like a young dog. It's unbelievable!

- Jake T, Nashville
5 Star Review

Lucy's itchy skin and ear infections were out of control, no matter what food or meds we tried. After starting Wild Belly, her issues cleared up for good! For the first time in years she isn't constantly scratching and her coat looks gorgeous.

- Amanda A, Houston
5 Star Review

"I am simply amazed at the results. Maggie used to shake, drool and panic whenever we left the house. Now she happily snuggles in her bed until we return. Her digestive issues have cleared up too!

-Taylor S, St. Louis.
5 Star Review

The reviews go on and on. Dog owners everywhere are finding Wild Belly transforms their aging dogs into their best, youthful selves again - just like it did for my Daisy!

An Affordable, No-Risk Solution

I worried Wild Belly would be expensive, but it's very reasonably priced


Considering expensive raw foods and supplements often cost way MORE than this each month, Wild Belly is an incredible bargain. Especially since it works better than anything I've tried before!

Money Back Guarantee

Even more comforting is the 90 day money back guarantee. We could try Wild Belly for three months risk-free. If we didn't notice a big improvement in Daisy, we'd get 100% of our money back, no questions asked.

But I'm so glad I didn't ask for a refund, because this has been truly life changing for my precious pup and for my whole family. Tons of owners like me have already discovered the incredible power of Wild Belly's dog-friendly probiotics. Now it's your turn.

Go visit their website and grab Wild Belly risk-free while supplies last! See for yourself how a simple scoop each day can help your best friend feel youthful and vibrant again.



If your dog is showing signs of aging before their time or struggling with health issues of any kind, don’t lose hope.

Wild Belly's patented probiotic strains can make a huge difference in your pup’s behavior and quality of life.

Thousands of pet parents have already unlocked their dog's amazing potential through optimizing methylation the natural way.

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