My Dog Was Too Heavy to Play or Go on Walks. Then I Gave Him This Bacon-Flavored Treat

Updated: May, 22 Pittsburg, United States

Struggling to Help My Overweight Dog

As a busy working mom, I never used to pay much attention to my beagle Buster's diet. I'd give him leftovers from our meals or grab bags of kibble on sale at the grocery store to pour into his bowl. Before I realized it, my once active and energetic pup had become overweight and lethargic over the years.

When Buster turned 7, his vet warned me he was at an unhealthy weight, putting him at risk for joint issues, allergies, and other problems. She suggested measuring his food and cutting back his portions to help him slim down.

I felt guilty that I’d let Buster's weight balloon the way he had.
He moved slowly on our walks and preferred napping to playing fetch. His coat grew dull, he shed constantly, and his mood seemed anxious. Worst of all, Buster’s bowel movements became very messy and he was constantly gassy.

I tried my best to strictly measure Buster’s food per the vet’s instructions, but the weight came off painfully slowly. After only losing 2 pounds in 2 months, Buster's progress stalled.

I could tell his excess weight was making him miserable and I just didn’t know what to do. He struggled to get comfortable at night, his joints often seemed tender, and he had no interest in toys or adventures anymore. I desperately wanted to help Buster regain the vitality he’d lost.

That’s when I came across information about...

A Surprising Discovery

One late night I went onto a bunch of dog forums and came across intriguing discussions about something called methylation. According to a scientific report referenced in the forum, issues with methylation and lack of folate production at the cellular level could prevent overweight dogs from slimming down.

The more research I did, the more convinced I became that poor methylation was the missing piece for Buster. Everything I read indicated optimizing methylation and folate could allow Buster to finally shed pounds and regain his health.

I learned folate is essential for cellular function and metabolism, while methylation helps transport folate and impacts every cell. I also read that this methylation process can go haywire in dogs once they reach middle age. As a result, their metabolisms don’t run like they used to and their body starts storing fat to conserve energy. The paper I read said that this makes weight loss nearly impossible!

I couldn’t help but wonder if this was what was happening with Buster too. I didn’t know, but I I was determined to find out.

Could This Bacon-Flavored Treat Be The Secret To Weight Loss In Dogs?

The consensus from veterinarians and dog experts on the forum was that a supplement called Wild Belly could provide the specific probiotic strains needed to properly optimize methylation and folate production.

Even better, I saw that apparently dogs love the taste of it. Wild Belly comes as a bacon flavored powder that you just sprinkle on top of your dog’s regular meals.

And I was excited to read that users also reported effects like:

  • Resolving skin conditions
  • Allergies
  • Mobility Problem
  • Anxious Behaviors
  • Digestive Issues
  • And Many More

With a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I decided to order Wild Belly right away to see if it could ignite Buster's fat burning metabolism.

The night the Wild Belly package arrived containing the month’s supply, I couldn’t wait to mix the first scoop into Buster’s dinner. He devoured his dinner with no complaints and it seemed like he did really like the bacon flavor. Doing this only took like 10 extra seconds, and it was a lot easier than trying to give buster a pill!

Now I had to wait and see if optimizing his methylation and folate intake would make any difference in Buster’s weight or not.

A Stunning Transformation Begins

Just a few weeks after starting Wild Belly, the changes in Buster were undeniable. Despite eating the same measured meals as before, he began steadily shedding excess pounds for the first time in ages!

I was stunned when he stepped onto the scale at the vet 8 pounds lighter at our next visit. 

Whatever you're doing, keep it up! my vet exclaimed, unable to explain Buster's sudden success.

Along with the weight loss came remarkable improvements in Buster's overall health too. His coat looked shiny and soft again instead of dry and ragged. The constant shedding all but ceased. Now when Buster lies down, he easily hops back up to play instead of struggling from joint discomfort. Even his allergies are a lot less noticeable!

Buster’s mood has done a complete 180 too - the anxiety and restlessness he displayed for years has been replaced by a happy, friendly demeanor both at home and when we encounter people or dogs out and about.

I'm amazed by his renewed interest in his favorite toys and games. He suddenly wants to play fetch and tug of war for hours! It's clear Buster feels so much better without that extra weight dragging him down.

The truly game changing difference though is Buster's digestion and gas troubles have disappeared since starting Wild Belly. I no longer have to feel embarrassed when he drops smelly bombs that clear rooms. I can cuddle Buster on the couch again without gagging from his rear end!

As I type this, Buster is happily playing with a rope toy at my feet - acting like a puppy again even though he’s now 9 years old.
I can hardly believe that just months ago, you'd find him lethargically snoring the days away on his bed instead. Not only does he look physically like a new dog - he’s so full of life!

It's Not Just Buster...

I'm far from the only dog owner who has seen incredible transformations in overweight, aging pets thanks to optimizing their methylation and folate levels with Wild Belly.

The reviews for this supplement are nothing short of astounding. Just look at some of the jaw-dropping before and after photos I found posted by other Wild Belly customers:

Princess struggled with her weight for years until I tried Wild Belly. She has lost 11 pounds and acts like a puppy again, even at age 11! Thank you for giving me more healthy years with my baby.

- Sarah D.
5 Star Review

Since starting Wild Belly two months ago, Rocky has dropped 5 pounds and looks absolutely amazing now! He tries to play with our younger dog and he can actually keep up. This has been a life saver.

- Matt R.
5 Star Review

We adopted Sadie from a neighbor, and she was already very overweight. Despite controlled portions, she stayed obese. After a month on Wild Belly she has slimmed down substantially and has so much energy to play. She seems so much happier now.

- Jessica P.
5 Star Review

Stories like these are very common with Wild Belly. People with dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds have been amazed by how this bacon flavored powder unlocks their dog’s fat burning abilities.

An Affordable, No-Risk Solution

I worried Wild Belly would be expensive, but it's very reasonably priced


Considering expensive raw foods and supplements often cost way MORE than this each month, Wild Belly is an incredible bargain. Especially since it works better than anything I've tried before!

Money Back Guarantee

Even more comforting is the 90 day money back guarantee. We could try Wild Belly for three months risk-free. If we didn't notice a big improvement in Daisy, we'd get 100% of our money back, no questions asked.

But I'm so glad I didn't ask for a refund, because this has been truly life changing for Buster and for me. And tons of owners like me have already discovered the incredible power of Wild Belly's dog-friendly probiotics. Now it's your turn

Go visit their website here and grab Wild Belly risk-free while supplies last! See for yourself how a simple scoop each day can help your best friend feel and look like a puppy again.



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