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Wild Belly

Canine Longevity Formula

Wild Belly Canine Longevity Formula

Expertly crafted to support health in dogs with skin allergies, joint challenges, excessive shedding, and low energy.

  • Supports Healthy Methylation in Dogs
    (A Key Factor in Aging!)
  • Promotes Joint Health and Mobility
  • Helps with Allergies
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Soothes Itchy, Rashy Skin

1 Bottle: 30 day supply (for most dogs)

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  • All Natural

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Dogs Age Differently Than Humans Do
(Here’s Why That’s a Problem)

The reason our dogs age differently than us comes down to something called methylation, a biochemical process that tells cells ‘how to act.” When the methylation process is optimized and working like it should, your dog is healthy, happy and full of life. When the process is not optimized however, it can lead to health challenges for your dog like rashes, allergies, joint mobility, anxiety, aggression, shedding, and digestive problems. 

It might seem surprising that all of those issues are connected to methylation, but there’s more and more scientific research coming out proving this to be the case. 

IN FACT, UCLA, UC Davis, UCSD, Princeton and many other top institutions across America are devoting considerable time and money to understanding methylation.

They are finding that methylation plays a key role in the aging process itself. This actually makes a lot of sense since much of what we call “getting old” is just the phenomenon of cells acting differently than they
once did. 

Here’s the thing though: experts are finding that in dogs, the methylation process can begin changing for the worse around the age of two. That’s why so many dog owners start to notice health issues in their four-legged friends as they move from puppyhood to adulthood. 

That’s Why We Created Wild Belly -
To Support Healthy Methylation In Dogs.

The bad news is that many dogs start having skin, joint, allergy, digestive, and behavioral issues as they enter adulthood.

And the older your dog gets, the more frequent or intense those issues can become. 

The good news though is that there is something simple that you can do to support healthy methylation in your dog. It has to do with a vitamin called folate. Countless studies have found that folate is crucial if you want to achieve optimal methylation.

The problem though is that you can’t get folate in most dog foods or even supplements. That’s because folate is very sensitive to heat, exposure to air, and even sunlight.

Instead, you need to support your dog’s innate ability to produce folate. And like many health secrets, doing this starts in the gut.

Research has uncovered very specific strains of dog-friendly probiotics that can help dogs of any age to naturally produce more folate and support healthy methylation in their cells. We’ve taken each of those strains, and then added them to our breakthrough formula called Wild Belly. 

Wild Belly Contains Several Very Specific, Dog-Friendly Strains of Probiotics that Support The Methylation Process and Overall Canine Health


L. plantarum

This folate-producing strain of probiotic bacteria helps to optimize methylation and support your dog’s cellular health. Double-blind trials and other studies have found that L. plantarum to be associated with healthy immune systems, less aggression and anxiety, and overall better health markers.1 2 3

B. longum

A major 2020 study out of Georgetown found that B. longum supports healthy methylation, leading the authors to recommend it be given to animals with allergies and other immune challenges.4 Meanwhile, another large randomized trial found that giving dogs a canine-friendly staring of B. longum each day led to healthier skin, fewer rashes, and a shinier coat after just four weeks.5

L. Casei

All the way back in 1972, legendary Yale scientist L.H. Bernstein published several landmark studies showing that L. casei increased methylation levels in dogs.6 7 Meanwhile, in modern times multiple clinical trials have found that dog-friendly strains of l. Casei can significantly improve markers of joint swelling and discomfort when consumed regularly.8 9

Sacchoromyces Boulardii

This bacteria primarily targets the gastrointestinal complications that cause diarrhea. It binds to harmful bacteria and neutralizes toxins, including those that adhere to the digestive tract's walls. It also increases the production of digestive enzymes, which aids in sugar breakdown to improves nutrient and water absorption in the small intestine.

Why Dogs Are Barking About It

  • Promotes Optimal

  • Relieves

  • Stops Paw Licking
    & Scratching

  • Boosts

  • Improves

  • Prevents Excessive

  • Soothes
    Itchy Skin

  • Supports mobility
    and joints

  • Improves
    Bad Breath

  • Reduces Stinky

Daily Dosing Guide

If your dog weighs


Days per jar

less than

20 lbs

60 days

20-75 lbs

30 days

75 lbs +

15 days

Why Wild Belly Was Created

Wild Belly was formulated with the help of Mark Reese, an expert who has spent over 23 years studying cellular health and aging in mammals. Shortly after Mark’s beloved labrador retriever Lacey turned 8, he noticed big changes in her health and wellbeing.

Lacey began to slow down, lost her energy, struggled on walks, and overall began to “act old.” It happened so suddenly, and despite trying numerous “solutions” Mark was unable to help Lacey get back to being her old self.

After Lacey passed away, Mark couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe he could have done more to help her. Because of this, Mark threw himself into his research in an effort to understand everything he could about why our dogs’ bodies change for the worse.

After hundreds of hours of studying, Mark realized that many of the world’s leading scientists believed the answer to supporting canine health was optimized methylation. This led him to formulate Wild Belly with specific strains of probiotic bacteria that support a dog’s ability to produce folate, which is an essential vitamin that the methylation process requires. 


How often should I be giving my dog Wild Belly?

Sprinkle Wild Belly over your dog’s meals once daily for best results!

How quickly will I notice the change in my dog’s digestive health?

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact timeframe for you to begin seeing significant changes in your dog, but most of our customers see improvements within the first 3 weeks! Your dog’s age, current health, and diet can all affect their absorption of Wild Belly, and therefore their speed of results.

Does my dog need to be a certain age to take Wild Belly?

Wild Belly is safe for dogs of all ages! However, if your pup is under 6 months old, we recommend speaking with your veterinarian before adding any supplements to their diet.

My dog is a really picky eater…Will he like Wild Belly?

Wild Bell is formulated with a delicious all-natural bacon flavor that even our pickiest four-legged customers love! We haven't met a dog that doesn’t like Wild Belly yet, but if yours is the one, then you’ll still be backed by our 30 Day Guarantee. 

What is your 90 Day Guarantee? 

All of True Canine’s products are backed by our 90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you (or your pup) are not happy with our purchase within the first 90 days, contact customer support at for return instructions, and we’ll return every penny you invested back to you.